From Kabul and Kenya to Cameroon and Karachi, Salma Zulfiqar has worked on major humanitarian events which have made international headlines. Focussing on the plight of women and children, she has worked for the United Nations (UNOCHA, UNICEF, UNPOS, UNESCO) and Save the Children in Africa, Asia the Middle East and Europe over 15 years.

Her skills include storytelling, film making, securing international and local media coverage, creating and implementing communication strategies for large scale events and strategising for viral marketing of campaigns on social media.

Salma is also an International Artist and her creative work has been influenced by the extraordinary landscapes and textiles she has encountered during her travels. Her creations on canvas have been exhibited in London, Birmingham, Dubai, Paris and Greece. Salma has also designed and championed creative workshops in the UK to empower women migrants and refugees, promote integration and tackle hate crimes and extremism.