<b>Floating at sea</b><br> <b>Global solidarity</b><br> <b>Engulfed</b><br> <b>COVID-19 self portrait</b><br> <b>In Solidarity</b><br> <b>Living in fear COVID-19</b><br> <b>Shimmering Climates</b><br>Acrylic on canvas <b>Amazonia waterfall</b><br>Acrylic on canvas <b>Satellite Sahara</b><br>Acrylic on canvas <b>Glass Lilies</b><br>Acrylic on canvas <b>Summer Reeds</b><br>70x50cm<br>Acrylic on canvas <b>Tuti Fruti</b><br>70x50cm<br>Acrylic on canvas <b>Spiritual Growth</b><br>70x50cm<br>Acrylic on canvas <b>Petal Mania</b><br>70x50cm<br>Acrylic on canvas <b>Flake Fantasy</b><br>70x50cm<br>Acrylic on canvas <b>Japanese Garden</b><br>70x50cm<br>Acrylic on canvas <b>Pink Meadow</b><br>70x50cm<br>Acrylic on canvas <b>Cyclone</b><br>70x50cm<br>Acrylic on canvas <b>Purple Palm</b><br>70x50cm<br>Acrylic on canvas

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Salma Zulfiqar's artwork has been influenced by her own journey of migration all over the world as an artist and humanitarian to countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Iran, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Kenya, Cameroon, Chad, Cuba and Brazil. Her artwork is in response to humanitarian issues focussing on migration and women. Salma is an abstract artist and her artwork has been exhibited in London, Birmingham, Paris, Dubai and Kabul and invited to exhibit during the Venice Biennale in 2019 & 2022.

Salma's artwork is represented by Galerie du Colombier in Paris: Salma ZULFIQAR

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