Salma Zulfiqar's artwork has been influenced by her humanitarian work and her travels around the world to countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Iran, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Kenya, Cameroon, Chad, Cuba and Brazil. Her artwork is a vehicle to tackle political and humanitarian issues. She is an abstract artist and her artwork has been exhibited in London, Birmingham, Paris, Dubai and Kabul.

<b>Shimmering Climates</b><br>Acrylic on canvas <b>Amazonia waterfall</b><br>Acrylic on canvas <b>Satellite Sahara</b><br>Acrylic on canvas <b>Glass Lilies</b><br>Acrylic on canvas <b>Summer Reeds</b><br>70x50cm<br>Acrylic on canvas <b>Tuti Fruti</b><br>70x50cm<br>Acrylic on canvas <b>Spiritual Growth</b><br>70x50cm<br>Acrylic on canvas <b>Petal Mania</b><br>70x50cm<br>Acrylic on canvas <b>Flake Fantasy</b><br>70x50cm<br>Acrylic on canvas <b>Japanese Garden</b><br>70x50cm<br>Acrylic on canvas <b>Pink Meadow</b><br>70x50cm<br>Acrylic on canvas <b>Cyclone</b><br>70x50cm<br>Acrylic on canvas <b>Purple Palm</b><br>70x50cm<br>Acrylic on canvas

Salma's artwork is represented by Galerie du Colombier in Paris: Salma ZULFIQAR

Salma at Saatchi Art

Shimmering Climates profile in sister-hood - an award winning digital magazine

Review of Salma’s artwork at Espacio Gallery in London
!!! SOARING SEAS !!! Ana-Maria Cardoso Cockerill hosts “Between the Lines” at London E2 7DG

Migration Project - Building Peace Through the Oceans

Building Peace Through the Oceans is an educational art installation which is aimed at promoting the integration of migrants, improving race relations, preventing hate crimes and extremism.

It consists of 6 canvasses representing different regions of the world, Africa, Asia, Middle East, North America , Latin America and Europe and shows the positive contribution migrants have made in each region.

The art installation has already been exhibited in Greece where it was created, in Paris and in Birmingham with a creative workshop on 'Empowering Migrant Women'.

As part of the project, debates are being held in communities to help better connect people and create better understanding of cultures.

This project has received support from the Arts Council UK & National Lottery Fund, The United Nations Migration Agency, IOM, The Amirah Foundation, Deputy Lieutenant of the West Midlands, Arts in the Yard, Near Neighbours and the Aziz Foundation.

Statements of support from:
Mr Nazir Afzal O.B.E, former Chief Prosecutor for the North West CPS and former Chair of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners
Dipti Pardeshi, IOM UK Chief of Mission, UN Migration Agency

ARTconnects workshop - Birmingham, UK

South Yardley Library, Friday 10th November 2017

ARTconnects is a project to empower local communities in Birmingham, UK, with a series of creative workshops led by Salma Zulfiqar & aimed at promoting integration, tackling hate crimes and extremism.