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Salma Zulfiqar is an International Artist and Human Rights Activist working on migration. Her current creative projects, such as ARTconnects & The Migration Blanket, focus on empowering refugee and migrant women by promoting integration and peace and tolerance to stop hate crimes and extremism. Her artwork has been exhibited during the Venice Biennale 2019 in Italy, London, Birmingham, Paris, Greece & Dubai and she has been celebrated as one of Birmingham's leading trail blazers in the book One Upon A Time in Birmingham - Women Who Dared to Dream". In 2019, she was awarded the We Are the City 'Rising Star Diversity Award', powered by The Sunday Times. In 2020, she was appointed a UNESCO affiliate artist. Her work on diversity has been opening the doors for female minority artists in the UK and beyond.

Current Project - The Migration Blanket
In Solidarity - The Migration Blanket.
Best Animated Short at the Berlin Independent Film Festival 2021
Trailer #1 | Trailer #2

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